Heading Towards The Halfway Point

Just finished the 100th day of my challenge and I hope you got to see the highlight video and if not, click here. I’m currently working my way towards the halfway point of my challenge and in the process of looking for more things to learn. This weekend gave me the opportunity to learned patience and in the process was able to capture these Blue Birds feeding.

Blue Birds Feeding-0291-2




The First 100 Days

Just completed 100 days into my “52 Week, 365 Day Photo/Video Challenge.” It’s been a lot of fun and I look forward to the remaining 265 days. Here is a link to a highlight video featuring a few of the images and videos I shot during “the first 100 days.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 5.13.36 AM

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Week 8, Day 50 of My, “52 WK, 365 Day Photo/Video Challenge

Began another week of my challenge with a beautiful weekend in North Carolina. Took the opportunity to chase down a group of bikers for this photo from Day 50 of the challenge.

Nice Day For A Bike Ride

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Time For An Update on My 52 Week, 365 Day Photo/Video Challenge

And it continues!! We are on week 7 of the challenge and will be creating more photos and video’s to share with you. Last week we had few days of nice weather here in North Carolina and I took the opportunity to visit the lake and surrounding area to take a few photos. See Below. This week’s weather also looks to be spectacular and the plan as always is to capture more photos and record more video. I will be sharing a few of my videos soon on my Vimeo channel, so stay tuned for more updates and links on my Blog and Facebook Fan Page.

Abandon Fishing Camp

Old Well and Church

Horses In a Field

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Replacing The Background of An Image With Photoshop

I enjoy my work as a photographer and videographer, but sometimes you can’t capture the image you are trying to create due to timing and location. Recently I completed a fashion shoot for a spring line of clothing. We were shooting in December and due to the weather, we could only shoot indoors. That required me to be creative with some of the outfits that I photographed and thinking in my mind of what the final image would look like.

As I photographed the model in the original image below, I already had in my mind the post process work that I would need to do to create the final image, I wanted the model at the beach and that meant replacing the background with a beach scene. For that final image, I needed a photo of the beach taken in a way that I could place the model correctly on the new background. Below is the final result of that process.


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New Photos From The “52 Week, 365 Day Photo/Video Challenge”

A Quick trip to Wilmington NC for a meeting, provided me with an opportunity to add images to my photo challenge. After our meeting, Shelly Booker of Shelly Booker Photography and I took a stroll around the Wilmington area and a quick drive to Carolina Beach. Below are a few photos I captured from the trip. Shelly will be posting her photos from the trip on her blog so be sure to check them out as well.

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Photoshop & Lightroom Presets

Believe me when I say that I love my work as a Photographer and Videographer, but that’s just the first part. I also enjoy the post editing work I do as well. For me, that is where the real creativity is. You can change the entire look and feel of an image with your post work in Photoshop and Lightroom. Below is an example of the post editing work I completed using Presets I created in Lightroom. Let me know your thoughts.

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