Photo Challenge Update

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted photos from my “52 Week, 365 Day Photo/Video Challenge.” Today is the 136th day of the challenge which included a trip to the ENO RIVER PARK in NC. Spent a few hours hiking the trails for the following photos.



For Mother’s Day

Each character was a ‘domestic goddess’ in their own right

For Mother’s Day

Classic TV Moms – who was your favorite? đź“·: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors

Sun, Sea and…Filming!

Sun, Sea and…Filming! Getty Images’ filmmaker Christine Schmitthenner and her authentic stories via PEER

Sun, Sea and…Filming!

For Getty Images’ filmmaker Christine Schmitthenner, the view from the office window is rarely drab. Living on a sailing boat in the Caribbean, with her husband and work partner Alwyn, Christine creates beautiful stories about the people they meet on their travels.

Getty Images | iStock Ambassadors

That 52 Week, 365 Day Photo Challenge What’s The Status?

I’m still at it. Here is a photo from day 124. More to come.

Lilly Pond by LaMont L. Johnson-1263

Shooting On A Cloudy Day

I enjoy shooting in Sunlight but there are occasions when that’s not possible. I had the opportunity to shoot in a flower garden with my photograph partner Shelly Booker. Due to a bad weather forecast, we decided to shoot before the weather damage the flowers that were in bloom.  So, as we say in the film industry “fix it in post,” I created a new preset in Adobe Lightroom to give the photo a brighter look as opposed to the flat look I got from shooting on a cloudy day.

Shelly At WRAL Azalea Garden 2017

Heading Towards The Halfway Point

Just finished the 100th day of my challenge and I hope you got to see the highlight video and if not, click here. I’m currently working my way towards the halfway point of my challenge and in the process of looking for more things to learn. This weekend gave me the opportunity to learned patience and in the process was able to capture these Blue Birds feeding.

Blue Birds Feeding-0291-2



The First 100 Days

Just completed 100 days into my “52 Week, 365 Day Photo/Video Challenge.” It’s been a lot of fun and I look forward to the remaining 265 days. Here is a link to a highlight video featuring a few of the images and videos I shot during “the first 100 days.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 5.13.36 AM

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