Highlights From Week 8

It’s been a great week of Video and Photo shoots for Week 8 of my “52 Week, 365 Day Photo/Video Challenge”. The week’s productions included a Music Video for musician Gary Mitchell’s GEEK THEOLOGY SERIES, click the link to view and download previous videos from the series. We also took the opportunity to shoot a Video for my friend and Photographer, Shelly Booker. The video will be added to her new Photography website, Shelly Booker Photography.

It was great to be behind the video camera again this week, creating videos for clients and friends. I also have a series of projects coming up soon that I can’t wait to share with you on my Vimeo Channel. I did get the chance to take a few photos this week as well. During the video shoot with Shelly, we took time out to take a few Stock Photo Images for my Adobe Stock listing. Again we had some beautiful weather here in NC so I took another visit to Jordan Lake, Yates Mill Pond and the surrounding area to a few photos.

Please enjoy the Photos and I look forward to your comments and sharing more of my Challenge with you.

You can follow and see more of my portfolio on Facebook, 500px. Also, you visit my websites at, LaMontJohnson.net and ChiekoAliceFilms.net  


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