The Portrait

As a photographer/videographer I consider myself a creative artist. Painters of fine art will continue to touch up, re-touch again, throw it away and start over until they reach the desired look they see in their mine. Once I’ve taken a picture I get to do the same thing using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, its a more cost affective process than throwing away a canvas. Thats what I did with the photo here taken durning a fashion shoot with model Shelly Booker. The lighting was bright as we where focus on the clothing in the shoot and not so much the model. I liked the expression of Shelly in the photo and I wanted to soften the lighting and ad some shadows and coloring to the image to feature her expression.  Here are a few of tools I used in photoshop to create the image below: Gradient Tool, Color Balance in the highlights, midtones and shadows, and levels. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Portrait of Model Shelly Booker

I’m a creator and artist and love the creative process of the work I produce. Follow me on Facebook and see more of my work at 500px. For a list of my services please visit either of my websites at: or


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